A stranger to A sibling

After 3 emotional, rather memoir posts by my dearest friend Aziza, here I come with my first post in this blog. The first ever post has to be about a person who is too special. Here are the beautiful memories of that particular person close to my soul. I met him first in my college, but before I joined there. Well, it was a great conversation with so many of my seniors together at that time. I hadn’t joined college yet and had cleared the first part of the entrance exam and was preparing for the second part. Well, with that freakily different college, it was not 'mug up and vomit' kinda entrance test and things had to logical and creative.

I met another lady there, a senior, who said, “Do you know there’s something called something...?” I said “What.”? She asked “Do you know there’s something called ragging...?” I was least bothered and I said, “You may think about that when I join here. Not now.” She went off. I went into one of these classrooms and I met this lovely, should I say handsome, hmmm… ok lemme give that tag as well, Handsome, extremely talented, multi faceted senior who was unusually calm and soft spoken than the rest of the gang who were focusing on ragging me. I called him ‘Cheta’, which means ‘Bro’ in Malayalam, his mother tongue. My first bro in college and a sweet bro till date.
Now, time for the incident that made me feel so happy to be his junior, more than that, an ‘aniathi’ - sister. By this time, I had joined college and listened to some seniors' soft and friendly orders to develop a good relationship; and gave an aloof and dirty look at other seniors’ rough commands which didn't even bother to heed. And it was 2 days before the auspicious day of Onam. And our college Onam celebration was on that day. I was on my way to the hall when I was held, rather caught by another super duper senior. (Well, these were some silly phrases we had coined in our college. Immediate seniors were seniors… 3rd yrs were super seniors and 4th yrs were super duper seniors…). He was questioning (should I specify it was ragging) a fresher and when I crossed, he made me wait and continued in questioning session with her. I was standing beside him was the next one hour when my dearest Cheta passed by and somehow escaped me away from that senior. I felt relieved absolutely, only to find that I would be more relieved by his miraculous, medicinal music. It was on that day, when I came to know that he was an amazing flutist and tabla player. It was the Onam culturals in college, which was special to him being a mallu, and I was taken to another world (no exaggeration people..!!!) with his soul stirring music. Amazing, outstanding, exceptional, are only silly words English language gives me to describe his talent. I was caught by his melody completely. That evening all I could tell my mom was about this guy. And mom too wanted to meet him, which eventually happened in the next college fest.

It eventually became a habit for me to call, quite a number of seniors as Anna (Tamizh), Cheta (Malayalam), Da (Bengali), Bhaiya (Hindi). But there were very very few who I considered close to my heart and this Chechu is the most important of them all... Chechu, you’re in the first place da. :)

Another day in my second year, this sweet Cheta and another super senior who also I call Cheta, were standing near the canteen when I was walking with my friend in the opposite corner. He called me out from across the vast basket ball ground in the middle, as ‘Aniathi’ – sister. It was just a simple word for him, that too in a comical way, as I was the only soul to call seniors as bro in my college, and he always pulls my leg for that. But for me it felt so, very, too good, esp. maybe I’ve always missed a good elder brother as my sibling. Something from the behind of my head, he was there as a very sweet, calm, poised person as my senior, rather as my Cheta.

He has a sweet little sister back home, his real sister. I actually envy her. She’s got this wonderful person as her own brother, and knows him since she was born. She’s lucky.

Love u Ramu Cheta. Miss u da. Hope to be in touch with you forever. And u mean a lot to me... :)


Sowmi said...

This is one best dedication da :)

Anya said...

Lovely story :)
Two or three blogs is many work ..... LOL
Have a nice weekend my friend

Mitr Friend said...

Hey Sow,
Thanks da.. :) He too liked it a lot.. :)

Hi Anya,
Thanks sweety for dropping by and leaving a comment... Again I welcome you, this time to this blog..
Not much work.. This one is a combined blog with my friend.. :)

Benny said...

Hey nice post!! first time here ya!! BEing a malu myself,it was nice to read abt another malu..nice dedication to him!! sure he loves it!
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thx in advance ya

Mitr Friend said...

Hi Benny,
Thanks for dropping by. Do drop in often... I'd check your blog soon and vote for u.. :)

Aziza said...

hey mitr this one is really a classic bit...
hehehhe :P:P
nice one bcoz v both have similar experiences with diff strangers...:):)

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