Wedding Bells for an Angel

Some of my readers may remember my Angel. The Angel who is a great gift to me by God. I dedicated a blog post for her last birthday. And in that I wrote that she would get married in 6 to 7 months.

Now my gift is gonna be owned by someone else. I’m sure someone is goddamn lucky! Yup, my prediction of 6 to 7 months got a bit more extended and now exactly after 1 yr, after she celebrated her next birthday, this weekend is her wedding. I’m overwhelmed. I am really, really happy.

Join me in wishing her a great married life.

And even though she’ll kill me for this, lemme wish her to become a mother of an equally beautiful and cute baby soon.

God bless you Chitu. Nandu, you’re really lucky!!!

The TT Take

It was the 2nd year in college. Just at the last ever day of the 4th sem. I appeared for the jury (Yeah! There are no end semester exams for us, but just juries). These juries are like interviews. These juries depend on luck. Either too frustating with some students coming out after an hour of jury and yelling "Bull S###" or "WTF"!!! Or its pretty cool for some who come out in 15 mins with a broad smile.
That particular end sem jury was a moderate level jury for me and I came out with a smile and a sense of peace that filled me that my 2nd yr is over, when I was called in again. I freaked out and went in again.
When I went in I came to know, I was called only by one of thejury members only to enquire about this particular photo which was a part of my Photography subject submissions. He had actually completely impressed by this shot.

I had taken this few weekss bef. the jury when my dear seniors where playing TT in the 2nd floor. 2nd floor being top most one, with a dome like construction that allows sun light in, the place looks heavenly at late evenings. I went there for something else when Ramu Cheta and Richard Macha (He hates it when I particularly call him that ways!!!), where playing TT. The light was heavenly and I just didn't want to miss it!!! And here is what I got!!!

Looking into the eyes!!!

Sometimes some people touch our hearts in a very special way. Some actions of some persons can be just a flicking moment to them. But to us it may be a memorable one for lifetime.

It was a usual busy day and I was off to office. The route was regular. The traffic was less. And the driver sped up. Just as it is in several places in India, the road had several crows and pigeons searching to make their tummy full. And that day too the road had a crow sitting in the midst of the lane picking up some food. My driver didn’t bother and I too didn’t. It’s very usual to see them like that and as they see some vehicle approaching their reflexes act so fast and we can see them fly high the next moment. But that day, I didn’t see it fly high, I heard it to just ‘pouf’ under my car’s wheel. A ‘pouf’. That’s it. I had killed it. I didn’t do it consciously, but it still bothers me from the back of my mind. I was hurt. Really deeply hurt. I made that bird that could have soared high in the sky to die flat under my car. I couldn’t digest that I was, by chance, though not deliberately, involved in the killing. The guilt was all over me. I thought about it whole day inspite of the heavy work.

That evening my close friend, rather my very very very very close friend came to meet me. He looked into my eyes and listened to what ever I poured out of my heart as we sipped our cup of coffee at CCD. He looked deep into my eyes. He listened to every word I spoke. He didn’t interrupt me even a moment. I poured my heart out. I looked into his eyes and I overcame the overwhelming guilt. Finally when I stopped, he looked deeper into my eyes and he asked me to ask my mom to perform some spiritual remedy. It’s not exactly the solution. But he had given me the solution as I spoke. He listened – looking deep into my eyes.

Today, I still feel the guilt. But it doesn’t overwhelm me anymore.

Recently 2 days back, one fine morning, I woke up, got ready and stepped out of my apartment into the road only to come face to face with a… a… a… Monkey. It’s strange to see it there. Though it was not a cosmopolitan concrete jungle, it was busy residential area of a well-to-do town. Not a single apartment was less than 5 floors high. And to witness a monkey in the centre of the road was strange. Or atleast I thought so. I jumped back into my apartment gate and saw it pass-by walking proudly in the centre of the road. With an absolute residential area where any vehicle cannot go beyond 15 kmph, it was not at a risk of being killed in traffic. But it had another issue. It was pregnant. I was worried about it. I thought it was lost that too pregnant. I wanted to do something. I was new to the town and didn’t know much about the place and had no idea of any animal organization there. It’s a small town and didn’t have a zoo too. I wanted to find someone to take care of it and take it back to wilderness.

The first person to strike my mind was a colleague. He was not even a friend. He was just a colleague. He has been in the town since childhood and knows the place well. Quite a knowledgeable person. An outgoing person. I do not know him personally though. But he was the person who I felt I could disturb early in the morning. Not an odd hour, it was 7.30 am. Not an even hour as well. I wouldn’t call my boss at that hour, to find a source to help that poor animal. This colleague picked the call and he informed that the town had no organization like that. The only options left were I could ask the police or govt hospital staff to help. I enquired the locals about it and they said it’s not a very strange phenomenon as I had assumed. But generally they come as 2 or 3 or 4, not as single like this one, and like once in 4-6 months. I pacified myself as it slipped out of sight.

That day evening at office, I had some work with him. After that I told him about the monkey. I said “Its not strange”, “It comes once in 4-6 months”, “Generally in groups”, “I was worried coz it was pregnant”, “Blah… blah… blah…”. I went on. As I kept telling, rather ‘Blah’ing, he kept listening. Did not interrupt even a moment. And kept looking deep into the eyes. Listened to my whole blah and finally said “Don’t worry. There are several groves nearby and it would have settled. Being a regular visitor, it wouldn’t have lost its path”. Of course, I didn’t worry ever since the locals said that they were regular visitors, since the morning. But then, he listened, making eye contact and he listened early in the morning when I disturbed his sleep.

For both my dearest friend and my colleague, to them it was my 2 minutes of nonchalant words, sentences, my life story. They said something at the end of my continuous speech. But what they said didn’t matter. But they gave a solution. They listened! They looked deep into my eyes when I spoke!!!

The Angel

This girl is an Angel. I call her so always and she always gets freaked out whenever I call her so. But its indeed true. Both in character and in appearance too. Fair skinned and beautiful, she would seriously put angels down if you makeover her with wings, tiara, magic wand and white gown.

She is my colleague who I met on the first day of my first job. Her cube was next to mine. With an accommodation given by office, we lived together in an apartment along with another colleague. And one the first day a friend had dropped by and we were having some time together and I did not talk to my colleagues so well. Next day my boss enquired her if I gelled well with them and she said ‘No’!!! Ask her today the same question - Today she says, ‘Please take me away from this pestering female’, when I remind her of this incident.

We shared the same room and in few days we became quite friendly and one fine day she took me to her home at a nearby village. A beautiful Eden that village was. I wrote a whole blog post on that village. Here it is. And a little bachelorhood mis-adventure led me to almost drown in a well and she pulled me out!!!

And then one fine day when our cook ditched us and stopped coming with just 1 week notice we were stranded. I as a typical she-bachelor (‘spinster’ sounds too serious for a hippie – person like me) simply started calculating the expenditure on hotel food until we find another cook. Reason – well, simple – I HATE cooking. Now she took things under control and started cooking FOR ALL. I helped her. Err… Ok.. Not a big deal. Just washing vessels, chopping veggies etc. Not a great help though. But for a cooking-ignorant person like me passing thru a period without a cook is nothing than a big marvel. With her, times were not so difficult.

She is the one I rely upon immediately when things are difficult. Being away from home and loved ones who are pillars when tides are rough, can be really difficult but it helps to find new friends. In my case, in this place, it was she. She is now more than mere colleague. She’s a great friend (though I call her ‘Akka’ which in Tamizh means Sis). May be she’s the Akka who is God -Sent to fill the gap of having no sis in blood-line.

And she is the one I turn upon when I need to know answers for silly but important questions – Is this Red lipstick suiting me.?, Shall I go for a hair make-over.?, What top do I wear with this skirt.? And she is the one who controls me when am bitten by the shopping spree insect.

Her wedding is on roll. May be in 6 or 7 months. Wishing her great luck. I know one thing for sure. Her hubby is the lucky one to find an adorable lady like her.

Tomorrow is her Birthday and this is a dedication to My Angel. Take care. Thanks for being a part of my life.


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