When Language Connects...

This guy a best friend of mine and recently he too told me that I am one of his very close best friends.

Well I met him during the last year of my college when I went to a brand to do my final internship. He was working there. And I was introduced to all the people in the dept in which I was supposed to work. And the introduction to him was very special. Why.? Lemme tell that. But before that, lemme tell about my beautiful country, India.

India is a diverse nation. Absolute ‘Unity in Diversity’ thingy. Mother India has 29 states and almost each and every state speaks a different language. India had 18 official languages! And if you include the several other languages spoken in India, it would very easily hit a century. And in every state that speaks the same language there are n number of slangs that completely different from one another. For eg. Hindi has Bhojpuri, Mythili etc. Tamizh has Thirunelveli, Madras etc. Telugu has Hyderabadi, Madras etc. Some words are so different within the language itself, among the slangs. The pronunciation is very very very much different.

Now, coming back to the intro. We both hailed from the same state and share the same mother tongue. So the intro was way too special. We spoke in our language and at once I felt ease to be in that office. Atleast one person is from my state and spoke my language. Though he was from a different part of the state and spoke a completely different slang.

His cube was in the ground floor and mine was in the first floor. So we didn’t get to speak much apart from the occasional Hi, Hello. We travel by the same route but in different timings. Many a times, we did catch up to go together in the evening.

While things were going on like this, I, who commutes by train everyday to reach office, on one fine day, fainted. Err… Well, almost fainted. I usually prefer to stand near the entrance to prevent rush and sweat and suffocation. On that particular day, by mistake I took a wrong side, where the sun shows all its might. With the summer’s scorching sun and heated up metallic train compartment, I blacked out. My ears were shut, vision got hazed and my mind went crazy. I somehow managed to get out of the train in the next station which was fortunately, the station that I had to get down. I bought a bottle of water and drank half of it and sat for half an hour before I could proceed. I was ok in half an hour. Still, I was not sure if I could manage to office all by myself. I called him to check if he had already crossed the station. And he had. I didn’t want to disturb him and after another half an hour rest I took a taxi to reach office. That noon, I informed him the reason for calling him in morning. He was taken aback first. Then, he yelled for not telling then and there. He was really worried. His expression said that. I was so happy to see someone worry for me so much. Till date, he yells for not telling him the reason on phone itself.

The project was 6 months long and I was back. Back in college another friend who interned in a nearby brand to mine, asked if there was a guy who spoke my language in my office. I shook my head in positive. She laughed and said, “U r such a poor soul”. I wondered why and asked her and pat came the reply “Don’t you know anything?”. I asked “What.?”. She said, “People in your dept were teasing that guy with you.”. I asked her how she came to know of it who didn’t even work in the same office. She said that my colleague’s rommie was her colleage. I was completely taken aback. I called him and asked what happened. Then came the shocking revelations. People in our dept. were continuously teasing him with me just coz we spoke the same language and hailed from the same state. I was like – Isn’t it ridiculous. He was even offered icebreaker convos by other colleagues. Thank God he didn’t tell me all this nonsense when I was working there. I would have lost my peace of mind. After all this happened and I had a hearty laugh and he was comfortable to see I laughed it off, we became closer friends.

It was not during when he was a co-worker but after that only we became closer.

Now he is one of my best pals. Whenever I was down or had a tiff with my special ones, I would by default turn to him. His smile and warmth and never ending funny & funky way of talking would take the hell outta my head.

U r a great friend dear, a best friend for lifetime. Never change your character coz that’s ur specialty. Miss u!


RATO TAMIL said...

thank uuuuuuuu very much yar.....

i didnt expect this....
Im really thank u for make a friend like uuuuu.

LK said...

its nice to sit back and think about the way a person become close to us

Mitr Friend said...

Hey Rats,
U r such a sweet friend... Dedicated to u dear..!!!!

Very true... Those are indeed beautiful memories..!!! :)

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