Looking into the eyes!!!

Sometimes some people touch our hearts in a very special way. Some actions of some persons can be just a flicking moment to them. But to us it may be a memorable one for lifetime.

It was a usual busy day and I was off to office. The route was regular. The traffic was less. And the driver sped up. Just as it is in several places in India, the road had several crows and pigeons searching to make their tummy full. And that day too the road had a crow sitting in the midst of the lane picking up some food. My driver didn’t bother and I too didn’t. It’s very usual to see them like that and as they see some vehicle approaching their reflexes act so fast and we can see them fly high the next moment. But that day, I didn’t see it fly high, I heard it to just ‘pouf’ under my car’s wheel. A ‘pouf’. That’s it. I had killed it. I didn’t do it consciously, but it still bothers me from the back of my mind. I was hurt. Really deeply hurt. I made that bird that could have soared high in the sky to die flat under my car. I couldn’t digest that I was, by chance, though not deliberately, involved in the killing. The guilt was all over me. I thought about it whole day inspite of the heavy work.

That evening my close friend, rather my very very very very close friend came to meet me. He looked into my eyes and listened to what ever I poured out of my heart as we sipped our cup of coffee at CCD. He looked deep into my eyes. He listened to every word I spoke. He didn’t interrupt me even a moment. I poured my heart out. I looked into his eyes and I overcame the overwhelming guilt. Finally when I stopped, he looked deeper into my eyes and he asked me to ask my mom to perform some spiritual remedy. It’s not exactly the solution. But he had given me the solution as I spoke. He listened – looking deep into my eyes.

Today, I still feel the guilt. But it doesn’t overwhelm me anymore.

Recently 2 days back, one fine morning, I woke up, got ready and stepped out of my apartment into the road only to come face to face with a… a… a… Monkey. It’s strange to see it there. Though it was not a cosmopolitan concrete jungle, it was busy residential area of a well-to-do town. Not a single apartment was less than 5 floors high. And to witness a monkey in the centre of the road was strange. Or atleast I thought so. I jumped back into my apartment gate and saw it pass-by walking proudly in the centre of the road. With an absolute residential area where any vehicle cannot go beyond 15 kmph, it was not at a risk of being killed in traffic. But it had another issue. It was pregnant. I was worried about it. I thought it was lost that too pregnant. I wanted to do something. I was new to the town and didn’t know much about the place and had no idea of any animal organization there. It’s a small town and didn’t have a zoo too. I wanted to find someone to take care of it and take it back to wilderness.

The first person to strike my mind was a colleague. He was not even a friend. He was just a colleague. He has been in the town since childhood and knows the place well. Quite a knowledgeable person. An outgoing person. I do not know him personally though. But he was the person who I felt I could disturb early in the morning. Not an odd hour, it was 7.30 am. Not an even hour as well. I wouldn’t call my boss at that hour, to find a source to help that poor animal. This colleague picked the call and he informed that the town had no organization like that. The only options left were I could ask the police or govt hospital staff to help. I enquired the locals about it and they said it’s not a very strange phenomenon as I had assumed. But generally they come as 2 or 3 or 4, not as single like this one, and like once in 4-6 months. I pacified myself as it slipped out of sight.

That day evening at office, I had some work with him. After that I told him about the monkey. I said “Its not strange”, “It comes once in 4-6 months”, “Generally in groups”, “I was worried coz it was pregnant”, “Blah… blah… blah…”. I went on. As I kept telling, rather ‘Blah’ing, he kept listening. Did not interrupt even a moment. And kept looking deep into the eyes. Listened to my whole blah and finally said “Don’t worry. There are several groves nearby and it would have settled. Being a regular visitor, it wouldn’t have lost its path”. Of course, I didn’t worry ever since the locals said that they were regular visitors, since the morning. But then, he listened, making eye contact and he listened early in the morning when I disturbed his sleep.

For both my dearest friend and my colleague, to them it was my 2 minutes of nonchalant words, sentences, my life story. They said something at the end of my continuous speech. But what they said didn’t matter. But they gave a solution. They listened! They looked deep into my eyes when I spoke!!!

The Angel

This girl is an Angel. I call her so always and she always gets freaked out whenever I call her so. But its indeed true. Both in character and in appearance too. Fair skinned and beautiful, she would seriously put angels down if you makeover her with wings, tiara, magic wand and white gown.

She is my colleague who I met on the first day of my first job. Her cube was next to mine. With an accommodation given by office, we lived together in an apartment along with another colleague. And one the first day a friend had dropped by and we were having some time together and I did not talk to my colleagues so well. Next day my boss enquired her if I gelled well with them and she said ‘No’!!! Ask her today the same question - Today she says, ‘Please take me away from this pestering female’, when I remind her of this incident.

We shared the same room and in few days we became quite friendly and one fine day she took me to her home at a nearby village. A beautiful Eden that village was. I wrote a whole blog post on that village. Here it is. And a little bachelorhood mis-adventure led me to almost drown in a well and she pulled me out!!!

And then one fine day when our cook ditched us and stopped coming with just 1 week notice we were stranded. I as a typical she-bachelor (‘spinster’ sounds too serious for a hippie – person like me) simply started calculating the expenditure on hotel food until we find another cook. Reason – well, simple – I HATE cooking. Now she took things under control and started cooking FOR ALL. I helped her. Err… Ok.. Not a big deal. Just washing vessels, chopping veggies etc. Not a great help though. But for a cooking-ignorant person like me passing thru a period without a cook is nothing than a big marvel. With her, times were not so difficult.

She is the one I rely upon immediately when things are difficult. Being away from home and loved ones who are pillars when tides are rough, can be really difficult but it helps to find new friends. In my case, in this place, it was she. She is now more than mere colleague. She’s a great friend (though I call her ‘Akka’ which in Tamizh means Sis). May be she’s the Akka who is God -Sent to fill the gap of having no sis in blood-line.

And she is the one I turn upon when I need to know answers for silly but important questions – Is this Red lipstick suiting me.?, Shall I go for a hair make-over.?, What top do I wear with this skirt.? And she is the one who controls me when am bitten by the shopping spree insect.

Her wedding is on roll. May be in 6 or 7 months. Wishing her great luck. I know one thing for sure. Her hubby is the lucky one to find an adorable lady like her.

Tomorrow is her Birthday and this is a dedication to My Angel. Take care. Thanks for being a part of my life.

Serendipity - Fourth stranger

Fourth stranger:

A big Sorry for all the readers for such a delay. I was caught up with things here that’s why was not able to post any updates… here after I will be regular and that’s a promise.
And Mitr friend great work… I am continuing from what she wrote about her brother because I was in a similar situation but with a different person and different circumstances.

Well my fourth stranger is my Big B or say Big Brother…

I say as big b because this person is literally 6 feet tall… u know why I am mentioning his height because his height was his name when I didn’t know his real name…. hahahahha… it sounds funny but its true..

In my 12th I used to go to school by auto rickshaw and while passing by there was an house of a girl who was my mom’s student which I tend to watch as an habit. And every day at that time padma akka(my mom’s student) used to go to college accompanied by one tall anna (that was the name of my fourth stranger which I gave, and moreover anna means brother guys!!!! Hahahaha). In the evening I used to tell mom ‘amma I saw padma akka today with a tall anna’ and this became a routine. Then came my time of entering into college.

In our college there was separate buses for the first years alone to avoid ragging and also in the bus stop we first years use to stand in a corner to avoid ragging though I was not like mitr friend without any fear for the seniors.

I was afraid a bit, where I am going to mess up with the seniors. In our bus stop all the college buses used to halt to mostly at that time many students would be there and that was the time I saw my tall anna standing there with one of his friends. First I was surprised and decided he must be in a different college. One fine day I missed my bus and I was left with only one choice to get into seniors bus which I did with outmost fear and sat and all the seniors getting into the bus ant I saw my tall anna also getting into the bus. I was like is that true or am I dreaming. I felt very much relieved seeing him because I thought when I get a chance I will talk to him and tell I knew padma akka and I already dreamt about my tall anna helping me from all my seniors but reality was something different. I was too excited that day I came home and told my mom immediately stepping into home ‘amma that tall anna who used to go with padma akka is in my college’

But the next day turned out to be disastrous I was the only girl among five in my stop from first years and one of my senior called me and told that they want to talk to us in the evening so asked us to wait for them after getting down at the bus. Even after this very thunderous warning (heheheehe) I was pretty sure my tall anna gonna save the day. Still I was a bit apprehensive and asked one of classmates to come with me. From that day forward she always boarded the bus from my stop. That day we were not able to meet the seniors so the very next day my seniors are for the introduction and we did and one breaking thing I noticed was my good man tall anna was particularly very rude to us. My good man tall anna changed into bad boy tall anna.
He was way to rude talking and I really decided that day never even to look at his face. I really was afraid like they show in films they are gonna something worse from me but thank god they did not want to scare us of so asked for a simple treat in a restaurant near our place with all of my bus stop seniors hell around 25 people. We agreed but still my opinion of my tall anna did not change.
So fine we all first years collected money decided a day and invited our seniors for the treat. That day we all got down near the restaurant around 15 of us. The restaurant people were quite shocked seeing the crowd. Still we first were a bit reserved, tensed and also a bit frightened about are these people going to rag us infront of all the public crowd. We all sat down and our seniors made a formal introduction about themselves their name in which year they are studying with a very warm smile on their faces. I was shocked… I was like ‘what the hell these people bully us into giving a treat and then here they sit and talk as if we are like their own buddies’ And I also came to know about my tall anna’s real name and also he was studying in final year mechanical. Among them most of them where final year mechanical. I always had an impression not to mess up with mechanical people, but these guys proved me wrong. They were having fun and making us involved in all the fun. I never thought a ragging would be this much fun I also came to know my tall anna was not so bad they (seniors) were all putting a false mask to show that they were threatinig us. But they weren’t.

From that day forward we became friends. Can u imagine final years and first years were friends especially with us girls. They always treated us like baby sisters. My tall anna teached us helping out in our mechanical subjects we had. Even after he left college he maintained contact and came to my house once even then I introduced him to my mom as tall anna (hehhehehe). From that day forward he became a real brother who I was longing to have since I am the only child at my home. In every sense he was and still is my Big B… From that day forward there were many circumstances, hard ships which he had to face and I had to face but we faced together. He is my sweet, over protective brother on who’s shoulder I can sleep peacefully whenever I want.

Even till date he treats me like a porcelain doll thinking I would break for even a slight move, but to be frank I am not but still I like to be pampered by him. Now he is in Australia and I really miss him a lot.

I miss my pulsor bike rides. I miss my guide to tell where to board a bus and how to go to a specific place which I do not know. I miss watching Hindi movies with him. I miss me rambling to him or him rambling to me even in the midnight. I miss waking him in an ungodly hour and asking silly question.

Big B you are one of the few best things that happened in my life…

I Love you…

I miss you very badly… 

When Language Connects...

This guy a best friend of mine and recently he too told me that I am one of his very close best friends.

Well I met him during the last year of my college when I went to a brand to do my final internship. He was working there. And I was introduced to all the people in the dept in which I was supposed to work. And the introduction to him was very special. Why.? Lemme tell that. But before that, lemme tell about my beautiful country, India.

India is a diverse nation. Absolute ‘Unity in Diversity’ thingy. Mother India has 29 states and almost each and every state speaks a different language. India had 18 official languages! And if you include the several other languages spoken in India, it would very easily hit a century. And in every state that speaks the same language there are n number of slangs that completely different from one another. For eg. Hindi has Bhojpuri, Mythili etc. Tamizh has Thirunelveli, Madras etc. Telugu has Hyderabadi, Madras etc. Some words are so different within the language itself, among the slangs. The pronunciation is very very very much different.

Now, coming back to the intro. We both hailed from the same state and share the same mother tongue. So the intro was way too special. We spoke in our language and at once I felt ease to be in that office. Atleast one person is from my state and spoke my language. Though he was from a different part of the state and spoke a completely different slang.

His cube was in the ground floor and mine was in the first floor. So we didn’t get to speak much apart from the occasional Hi, Hello. We travel by the same route but in different timings. Many a times, we did catch up to go together in the evening.

While things were going on like this, I, who commutes by train everyday to reach office, on one fine day, fainted. Err… Well, almost fainted. I usually prefer to stand near the entrance to prevent rush and sweat and suffocation. On that particular day, by mistake I took a wrong side, where the sun shows all its might. With the summer’s scorching sun and heated up metallic train compartment, I blacked out. My ears were shut, vision got hazed and my mind went crazy. I somehow managed to get out of the train in the next station which was fortunately, the station that I had to get down. I bought a bottle of water and drank half of it and sat for half an hour before I could proceed. I was ok in half an hour. Still, I was not sure if I could manage to office all by myself. I called him to check if he had already crossed the station. And he had. I didn’t want to disturb him and after another half an hour rest I took a taxi to reach office. That noon, I informed him the reason for calling him in morning. He was taken aback first. Then, he yelled for not telling then and there. He was really worried. His expression said that. I was so happy to see someone worry for me so much. Till date, he yells for not telling him the reason on phone itself.

The project was 6 months long and I was back. Back in college another friend who interned in a nearby brand to mine, asked if there was a guy who spoke my language in my office. I shook my head in positive. She laughed and said, “U r such a poor soul”. I wondered why and asked her and pat came the reply “Don’t you know anything?”. I asked “What.?”. She said, “People in your dept were teasing that guy with you.”. I asked her how she came to know of it who didn’t even work in the same office. She said that my colleague’s rommie was her colleage. I was completely taken aback. I called him and asked what happened. Then came the shocking revelations. People in our dept. were continuously teasing him with me just coz we spoke the same language and hailed from the same state. I was like – Isn’t it ridiculous. He was even offered icebreaker convos by other colleagues. Thank God he didn’t tell me all this nonsense when I was working there. I would have lost my peace of mind. After all this happened and I had a hearty laugh and he was comfortable to see I laughed it off, we became closer friends.

It was not during when he was a co-worker but after that only we became closer.

Now he is one of my best pals. Whenever I was down or had a tiff with my special ones, I would by default turn to him. His smile and warmth and never ending funny & funky way of talking would take the hell outta my head.

U r a great friend dear, a best friend for lifetime. Never change your character coz that’s ur specialty. Miss u!

A stranger to A sibling

After 3 emotional, rather memoir posts by my dearest friend Aziza, here I come with my first post in this blog. The first ever post has to be about a person who is too special. Here are the beautiful memories of that particular person close to my soul. I met him first in my college, but before I joined there. Well, it was a great conversation with so many of my seniors together at that time. I hadn’t joined college yet and had cleared the first part of the entrance exam and was preparing for the second part. Well, with that freakily different college, it was not 'mug up and vomit' kinda entrance test and things had to logical and creative.

I met another lady there, a senior, who said, “Do you know there’s something called something...?” I said “What.”? She asked “Do you know there’s something called ragging...?” I was least bothered and I said, “You may think about that when I join here. Not now.” She went off. I went into one of these classrooms and I met this lovely, should I say handsome, hmmm… ok lemme give that tag as well, Handsome, extremely talented, multi faceted senior who was unusually calm and soft spoken than the rest of the gang who were focusing on ragging me. I called him ‘Cheta’, which means ‘Bro’ in Malayalam, his mother tongue. My first bro in college and a sweet bro till date.
Now, time for the incident that made me feel so happy to be his junior, more than that, an ‘aniathi’ - sister. By this time, I had joined college and listened to some seniors' soft and friendly orders to develop a good relationship; and gave an aloof and dirty look at other seniors’ rough commands which didn't even bother to heed. And it was 2 days before the auspicious day of Onam. And our college Onam celebration was on that day. I was on my way to the hall when I was held, rather caught by another super duper senior. (Well, these were some silly phrases we had coined in our college. Immediate seniors were seniors… 3rd yrs were super seniors and 4th yrs were super duper seniors…). He was questioning (should I specify it was ragging) a fresher and when I crossed, he made me wait and continued in questioning session with her. I was standing beside him was the next one hour when my dearest Cheta passed by and somehow escaped me away from that senior. I felt relieved absolutely, only to find that I would be more relieved by his miraculous, medicinal music. It was on that day, when I came to know that he was an amazing flutist and tabla player. It was the Onam culturals in college, which was special to him being a mallu, and I was taken to another world (no exaggeration people..!!!) with his soul stirring music. Amazing, outstanding, exceptional, are only silly words English language gives me to describe his talent. I was caught by his melody completely. That evening all I could tell my mom was about this guy. And mom too wanted to meet him, which eventually happened in the next college fest.

It eventually became a habit for me to call, quite a number of seniors as Anna (Tamizh), Cheta (Malayalam), Da (Bengali), Bhaiya (Hindi). But there were very very few who I considered close to my heart and this Chechu is the most important of them all... Chechu, you’re in the first place da. :)

Another day in my second year, this sweet Cheta and another super senior who also I call Cheta, were standing near the canteen when I was walking with my friend in the opposite corner. He called me out from across the vast basket ball ground in the middle, as ‘Aniathi’ – sister. It was just a simple word for him, that too in a comical way, as I was the only soul to call seniors as bro in my college, and he always pulls my leg for that. But for me it felt so, very, too good, esp. maybe I’ve always missed a good elder brother as my sibling. Something from the behind of my head, he was there as a very sweet, calm, poised person as my senior, rather as my Cheta.

He has a sweet little sister back home, his real sister. I actually envy her. She’s got this wonderful person as her own brother, and knows him since she was born. She’s lucky.

Love u Ramu Cheta. Miss u da. Hope to be in touch with you forever. And u mean a lot to me... :)

Serendipity - Third stranger

Third stranger:

Hellllooooooooooo everybody….

Now I am finished with my school strangers… Let’s move to the next higher step i.e., College…

I met my third stranger in my college. I am an engineer so naturally u all know my course is 4 yrs so this might be a bit long, so please bear up with me...

Myself and my third stranger are from a same department EEE but in our 1st semester we were in different sections… What? Confused????????? How come in college there are different sections…. Well for us first semester is common syllabus for all the departments so it was split into 3 sections. But during one of our lab exams, all in her class or rather her friends left home in the afternoon and she was stuck up at college (I really don’t remember the exact reason… but now I thank God that she was struck up that’s why I was able to meet her). So she came to our class knowing myself and some of my classmates where there. The thing was, she knew I was in the same department like her but I never knew (I know I was really pathetic). We had a very nice or rather an awkward afternoon getting to know each other. From then onwards we used to give a smile whenever we met in the corridors or canteen. And frankly when I saw her gang of friends I went into an impression she might be like that also (not in a bad way neither in a good way too lolz… sorry). I realized only after I came close to her that she is a person with a very very good heart. So after our 1st semester in our 2nd semester we were in a same class… I class that is EEE department had only 8 girls and 31 boys… even during our 2nd sem we didn’t talk much..

It was during my 3rd and 4th semester of my college life that is during my 2nd yr I came close to her… In my college life I faced a lot of obstacles or rather I would say a lot of failures… In that moment I still remember that day, when I was totally devastated one evening (why I was I like that I will explain in my future posts) and the next morning I was really not in a mood to go to college but still I went because my mom wanted me too…. All of my class mates where sitting outside because classrooms where not opened and my third stranger and few others were also sitting they all knew about what happened and very giving me sorrowful looks and I was not able to see it… among them only my third stranger was the only one who gave me a bright and reassuring smile like saying ‘come on it happens’, I dono seeing her face what struck me up, keeping my head on her lap I started sobbing even then she didn’t say anything like ‘please don’t cry’ or ‘troubles come we have to face’ like all the others did. She did only one thing kept her hand on my head and was just soothing me… guys you know how it feels…

When we meet crisis, 8 out of 10 say ‘come on don’t cry now’ or ‘problems come to everyone we have to face it’ or else ‘even great achievers faced many problems but they achieved many things’…. You know what people, for me these were the most annoying and the most irritating dialogues, because I felt like they are not really understanding the real meaning of word PAIN… because when it is paining more than cliché dialogues you have to make the person feel reassured that you are there for that person. The person in pain should feel like throwing out all his/her inhabitations and without thinking what other person thinks should cry out loud or rather say all his/her fears. According to me even if u can’t feel their pain at least reassure them my making them feel safe.

My third stranger did exactly the same thing. I really threw away all my inhabitations that day and cried to her shamelessly…. But one great thing about her is she was a very patient listener… May be because of that only she was liked by everybody in our class. If Mitr friend was the one who made me discover something called confidence in me then my sweet third stranger was the one who really made me utilize that and made me prove to myself that ‘ya come on even I have some kind of talent’. When we were in our third year there was a state level energy day celebrations conducted, I wanted to participate in paper presentation but still had doubts whether I would be able to do it… It has to be done by two people. I asked my third stranger to participate she was a bit doubtful not about me but herself later she agreed and there was a time while practicing what all to say in the presentation I had my second thoughts of backing out but she was the one who encouraged me saying ‘come on yaar you can talk English so fluently so it’s just a presentation we will do it’. Since I didn’t have a computer or a laptop at that time she was the one who prepared everything i.e. PPT etc. She gave the first introduction part which is very essential for any layman to understand. I was a bit frightened because that was my first time in stage after my LKG annual day…so hope you understand what I went through… But thank God we did it successfully… and we didn’t expect any prizes… but we were the 2nd prize winners out of a few outside colleges that came… We both were very shocked…

It might have been a small gesture on her part to make me do the intro part but that was the minute I realized I too have something in me that others admire in me, that something was my ability to do well in a debate, to top score in a group discussion, to think randomly and give life to my thoughts and also that was the boost for me to move independently and think independently. From then onwards there was no looking back for me. She is the best… Then came some testing times in our friendship… In our third year we all went for a third year (that experience too I will explain in detail in other of my future posts…) six of the girls with a lecturer who was elder to us by two years also went to Kerala…. All the guys and us enjoyed a lot… I still remember the day when we got down at the hotel and guys were getting room keys for us and we girls were just chilling out… two rooms were allocated for girls since 7 of us were there so 4+3 was split with two girls and the lecturer in one room and the other 4 in another room… I was just waiting to go with my third stranger because she was the one whom I was close. But suddenly I was put with the staff and the other girl whom I was not in good terms then but later turned out to be one of my best buddies… okay about that girl we will have discussion in another topic… now back to the topic I was pissed of seeing the arrangements because I was the one among the few who made everybody come to the tour saying ‘it’s in life time we get to enjoy like this so we have to go’… and I was sidelined it hurt me more… I gave one hard stare at my third stranger she said that she will go to another room and I would shift to her place but I really didn’t want to act childish si kept mum and took my room keys and moved with my lect and my another class mate… but frankly I was so pissed off with my stranger that I felt like strangling her neck…

After we returned from tour and when both of us where talking in phone she asked one direct question ‘has something changed’ I was shocked and I said ‘ya I feel you have changed I wanted to be with you since I consider you as one of my best friends’ She gave me one direct answer and I was really shocked and didn’t even know what to reply… what she said was, ‘by not being in person, do you think that a closeness which is in friendship changes’… what she asked was 100% truth…. I realize it now because all of my best buddies are scattered around the whole world… But still without them I can’t even take a single decision properly or rather after we are scattered only we have become so close by sharing even a smallest event happening…

She was right my friends are not here for immediately coming to help me if I am in danger but I know by taking the flight or another transport they will reach me soon enough to give me strength… they will do this because of one simple reason ‘they love me and I love them’…. Really if it was not for my third stranger I would have never learnt this lesson… Not only for this, had she done, have many things that I will always like to followed them…. Usually when a person cries because that person finds faults in him/her self, what we do is console the person saying ‘see we are all there so don’t get depressed’… But you know what my third stranger used to do when I used to get depressed, she literally used to bash me out like, ‘are you stupid, crying over a spilled milk… what has happened has happened by crying is it going to change… no na… so think of what you have to do next’

Really only that scolding’s made me stronger to compose myself… she was the main reasons for me to develop an attitude like ‘Yaar ye tho hota rehetha hai… age bad…’ meaning ‘come on these all will be happening in life… move on…’

She is the best person anybody will love to have with them…

Love you my third stranger…

U r the best…

U rock babes…

Serendipity - Second stranger

Hey Hi Everyone….

As I said in my earlier post I have 8 great strangers who turned to be my best buddies now comes my second stranger….

Second stranger:

This stranger is really a sweetheart… Bani (name changed) was a very timid girl when I first came across her in my 11th std…. She was so timid and used to believe everything what was said to her… But still she is the best thing that can happen to anybody…

Since she was so naïve, myself and mitr friend decided among us that before we finish our schooling we are gonna change her to more independent person… To the readers first of all I want to give a little bit character sketch about this stranger in my life. As I said earlier she used to believe whatever you say… I also said, she was timid because, in her house she has been brought up among 3 elder brothers and an elder sister with an veryyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyy strict father. So I hope you can imagine how she would have been… She had one best friend (whom she used to consider so… but not now i know….) whom she used to see as the only person who is with her… That friend took real over advantage of my friend’s softness (which till now I am not able to forget and forgive that stupid friend of hers).

This naïve friend of mine used to do whatever she says and take all the crap she used to give…. This was too much for me and Mitr friend decided we are going to bring change in her (as if we were born to change people…. It was that age guys…. Hehehehe… when we sit now and think, it seems very funny)….

(Aziza's note: when I entered this mission with mitr friend I never had an intention of becoming close with this second stranger… I just wanted to change her opinions and make her think outside the circle…)

Mission Possible:

First thing we did was, started talking with this second stranger and made her get involved in everything we did... Everything means including mischievous things we did… Myself and Mitr friend used to debate a lot (still we do:P:P) about many random issues, sometimes useful things and sometimes the most stupid things; so we used to involve in all those debates, point to be noted here; sometimes against her wishes (hhehehehehehe:D:D:D)… As I said earlier she was so naïve that she didn’t even know some terms that we girls used for guys and to drool over them… she used to think drooling over guys is a big mistake, so intentionally we used to discuss with her about everything….

Slowly she started coming out of her shell (thank God for small mercies) but still we were not able to make her understand that stupid friend of hers is not her worth... We were not able to make her not follow whatever that friend says… One fine day during free hour we sat with her and had a frank chat with her… she understood everything but she was not bold enough to say to her friend that ‘no I won’t be able to do that’ (sometimes that friend of hers used to give such crap that always pissed me off…..)

One day we boosted her confidence saying ‘come on Bani u can do it… just once ...tell her once, u will feel nice’, Like Shahid told Kareena in ‘Jab we Met’ (guys it was not copied from ‘Jab we Met’ because this incident took place many years before the movie was released.. lolz.....so it is Mr. Imitiaz ali who should be giving us (myself and mitr friend) the copy rights hehehehehehehe :P:P:P:P:P )

At the last moment my second stranger chickened out leaving us totally pissed and ticked off… We really went to strangle her but didn’t do it... (human courtesy) we left that topic then and there thinking might be my second stranger really did not want to do it… But after a month that friend did something stupid and that my second stranger ticked off, that she( second stranger) blasted her off… Myself and Mitr would be the first people who would have felt happy seeing a girl getting scolded… lolz… we could not help it, we felt like we have achieved something great… from then onwards my second stranger used to spend a lot of time with us and she became very important to me ( I donno when it happened but it did happen)

Mission successful…


After our 12th std we all went into separate colleges but we were all in touch with each other… I used to feel very lonely because I missed my school environment and I had a very hard time in my college all the time my sweet second stranger was the person who stood by me… I never expected her to turn out like that, as years passed I became more dependent on her… nobody who know us very closely believed that I was dependent on her because it was against our characters (hahahahhaha… between us I was more independent and she was not)…

I had very very tough times in college and she was my Boost, Complan, Bournvita, Milo etc., whenever I wanted to cry, immediately I got her shoulders (which I still get)….

After one year of our college we 6 friends of our school decided to meet in a common place… we decided place, date and timings… it was Vasanth bavan in Tambaram, Chennai… when we were talking about our colleges my sweet stranger was telling how her college was and we all knew from that it was totally against character and all five of us were thinking how she is going to manage for another 3 years (forgot to tell 4 out of six are engineers so it’s a 4 yrs course for us).

We were talking about a funny guy in one of my friend’s college and this sweet stranger used a term (which I do not want to tell in public :P:P:P) making all the five of us turn towards her with all our mouths hanging opened…

We were not able to believe our ears, the girl who used to think that using the word 'shit' is wrong, was now using terms…. She totally changed after going to college from north pole to south pole… we were literally gaping at her and she very coolly asked us ‘What? U dono the word’… after hearing that we were seeing her like 'is it the same girl or some ghost'… we were not able to compose ourselves till a waiter came and asked what we wanted to order for dessert.

She learnt many realities in her college. She is now an independent thinker…. No one from our school will believe she was the same girl… but one thing that I always admire in her, though her way of seeing things changed, her principles and originality hasn’t changed… she still knows her limits and lines which she hasn’t crossed till now though she is working in an MNC software company.. I really admire her for that….

Frankly guys we never expected her to survive in such worst conditions because she was a porcelain doll for us which we always wanted and want to protect, because we know that getting a person like that as your close friend is something great and you should be lucky… Another important transformation in her she used to be camera shy… while we used to take photos she never used to come even if we compel she used to bend her photo… But now she is there in almost every photo taken in her office giving different poses…. Quite a big transformation according to us who are very close to her….

Today August 10th is her birthday and I am dedicating this to her…

Sweet heart I love you….

You are one of the few best things that have ever happened in my life….

Love you sweety…


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