Serendipity - Second stranger

Hey Hi Everyone….

As I said in my earlier post I have 8 great strangers who turned to be my best buddies now comes my second stranger….

Second stranger:

This stranger is really a sweetheart… Bani (name changed) was a very timid girl when I first came across her in my 11th std…. She was so timid and used to believe everything what was said to her… But still she is the best thing that can happen to anybody…

Since she was so naïve, myself and mitr friend decided among us that before we finish our schooling we are gonna change her to more independent person… To the readers first of all I want to give a little bit character sketch about this stranger in my life. As I said earlier she used to believe whatever you say… I also said, she was timid because, in her house she has been brought up among 3 elder brothers and an elder sister with an veryyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyy strict father. So I hope you can imagine how she would have been… She had one best friend (whom she used to consider so… but not now i know….) whom she used to see as the only person who is with her… That friend took real over advantage of my friend’s softness (which till now I am not able to forget and forgive that stupid friend of hers).

This naïve friend of mine used to do whatever she says and take all the crap she used to give…. This was too much for me and Mitr friend decided we are going to bring change in her (as if we were born to change people…. It was that age guys…. Hehehehe… when we sit now and think, it seems very funny)….

(Aziza's note: when I entered this mission with mitr friend I never had an intention of becoming close with this second stranger… I just wanted to change her opinions and make her think outside the circle…)

Mission Possible:

First thing we did was, started talking with this second stranger and made her get involved in everything we did... Everything means including mischievous things we did… Myself and Mitr friend used to debate a lot (still we do:P:P) about many random issues, sometimes useful things and sometimes the most stupid things; so we used to involve in all those debates, point to be noted here; sometimes against her wishes (hhehehehehehe:D:D:D)… As I said earlier she was so naïve that she didn’t even know some terms that we girls used for guys and to drool over them… she used to think drooling over guys is a big mistake, so intentionally we used to discuss with her about everything….

Slowly she started coming out of her shell (thank God for small mercies) but still we were not able to make her understand that stupid friend of hers is not her worth... We were not able to make her not follow whatever that friend says… One fine day during free hour we sat with her and had a frank chat with her… she understood everything but she was not bold enough to say to her friend that ‘no I won’t be able to do that’ (sometimes that friend of hers used to give such crap that always pissed me off…..)

One day we boosted her confidence saying ‘come on Bani u can do it… just once ...tell her once, u will feel nice’, Like Shahid told Kareena in ‘Jab we Met’ (guys it was not copied from ‘Jab we Met’ because this incident took place many years before the movie was released.. it is Mr. Imitiaz ali who should be giving us (myself and mitr friend) the copy rights hehehehehehehe :P:P:P:P:P )

At the last moment my second stranger chickened out leaving us totally pissed and ticked off… We really went to strangle her but didn’t do it... (human courtesy) we left that topic then and there thinking might be my second stranger really did not want to do it… But after a month that friend did something stupid and that my second stranger ticked off, that she( second stranger) blasted her off… Myself and Mitr would be the first people who would have felt happy seeing a girl getting scolded… lolz… we could not help it, we felt like we have achieved something great… from then onwards my second stranger used to spend a lot of time with us and she became very important to me ( I donno when it happened but it did happen)

Mission successful…


After our 12th std we all went into separate colleges but we were all in touch with each other… I used to feel very lonely because I missed my school environment and I had a very hard time in my college all the time my sweet second stranger was the person who stood by me… I never expected her to turn out like that, as years passed I became more dependent on her… nobody who know us very closely believed that I was dependent on her because it was against our characters (hahahahhaha… between us I was more independent and she was not)…

I had very very tough times in college and she was my Boost, Complan, Bournvita, Milo etc., whenever I wanted to cry, immediately I got her shoulders (which I still get)….

After one year of our college we 6 friends of our school decided to meet in a common place… we decided place, date and timings… it was Vasanth bavan in Tambaram, Chennai… when we were talking about our colleges my sweet stranger was telling how her college was and we all knew from that it was totally against character and all five of us were thinking how she is going to manage for another 3 years (forgot to tell 4 out of six are engineers so it’s a 4 yrs course for us).

We were talking about a funny guy in one of my friend’s college and this sweet stranger used a term (which I do not want to tell in public :P:P:P) making all the five of us turn towards her with all our mouths hanging opened…

We were not able to believe our ears, the girl who used to think that using the word 'shit' is wrong, was now using terms…. She totally changed after going to college from north pole to south pole… we were literally gaping at her and she very coolly asked us ‘What? U dono the word’… after hearing that we were seeing her like 'is it the same girl or some ghost'… we were not able to compose ourselves till a waiter came and asked what we wanted to order for dessert.

She learnt many realities in her college. She is now an independent thinker…. No one from our school will believe she was the same girl… but one thing that I always admire in her, though her way of seeing things changed, her principles and originality hasn’t changed… she still knows her limits and lines which she hasn’t crossed till now though she is working in an MNC software company.. I really admire her for that….

Frankly guys we never expected her to survive in such worst conditions because she was a porcelain doll for us which we always wanted and want to protect, because we know that getting a person like that as your close friend is something great and you should be lucky… Another important transformation in her she used to be camera shy… while we used to take photos she never used to come even if we compel she used to bend her photo… But now she is there in almost every photo taken in her office giving different poses…. Quite a big transformation according to us who are very close to her….

Today August 10th is her birthday and I am dedicating this to her…

Sweet heart I love you….

You are one of the few best things that have ever happened in my life….

Love you sweety…


Mitr Friend said...

Hee hee... The best part is "What, U dunno the word..???!!!!".... I could never forget that.... :D

Sowmi said...

Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss. Bani :) Do you remember me??? Since your name has been changed, I'm unable to find :( anyway will find out da :) After all you're my school mate.. how can I miss u??

Sowmi said...

Aziza..... yo've a great blog template :) loved it :)

Aziza said...

hope you find her out soon:P:P:P
Well for the template you have to give copliments to Mitr friend... she was the one who chose it.. hehehehehe...:D:D:D

@Mitr frind
I think never in our life time we will be able to forget that incident...
that is the best isnt it... hahahhaha :D:D:D:D

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