Serendipity - Fourth stranger

Fourth stranger:

A big Sorry for all the readers for such a delay. I was caught up with things here that’s why was not able to post any updates… here after I will be regular and that’s a promise.
And Mitr friend great work… I am continuing from what she wrote about her brother because I was in a similar situation but with a different person and different circumstances.

Well my fourth stranger is my Big B or say Big Brother…

I say as big b because this person is literally 6 feet tall… u know why I am mentioning his height because his height was his name when I didn’t know his real name…. hahahahha… it sounds funny but its true..

In my 12th I used to go to school by auto rickshaw and while passing by there was an house of a girl who was my mom’s student which I tend to watch as an habit. And every day at that time padma akka(my mom’s student) used to go to college accompanied by one tall anna (that was the name of my fourth stranger which I gave, and moreover anna means brother guys!!!! Hahahaha). In the evening I used to tell mom ‘amma I saw padma akka today with a tall anna’ and this became a routine. Then came my time of entering into college.

In our college there was separate buses for the first years alone to avoid ragging and also in the bus stop we first years use to stand in a corner to avoid ragging though I was not like mitr friend without any fear for the seniors.

I was afraid a bit, where I am going to mess up with the seniors. In our bus stop all the college buses used to halt to mostly at that time many students would be there and that was the time I saw my tall anna standing there with one of his friends. First I was surprised and decided he must be in a different college. One fine day I missed my bus and I was left with only one choice to get into seniors bus which I did with outmost fear and sat and all the seniors getting into the bus ant I saw my tall anna also getting into the bus. I was like is that true or am I dreaming. I felt very much relieved seeing him because I thought when I get a chance I will talk to him and tell I knew padma akka and I already dreamt about my tall anna helping me from all my seniors but reality was something different. I was too excited that day I came home and told my mom immediately stepping into home ‘amma that tall anna who used to go with padma akka is in my college’

But the next day turned out to be disastrous I was the only girl among five in my stop from first years and one of my senior called me and told that they want to talk to us in the evening so asked us to wait for them after getting down at the bus. Even after this very thunderous warning (heheheehe) I was pretty sure my tall anna gonna save the day. Still I was a bit apprehensive and asked one of classmates to come with me. From that day forward she always boarded the bus from my stop. That day we were not able to meet the seniors so the very next day my seniors are for the introduction and we did and one breaking thing I noticed was my good man tall anna was particularly very rude to us. My good man tall anna changed into bad boy tall anna.
He was way to rude talking and I really decided that day never even to look at his face. I really was afraid like they show in films they are gonna something worse from me but thank god they did not want to scare us of so asked for a simple treat in a restaurant near our place with all of my bus stop seniors hell around 25 people. We agreed but still my opinion of my tall anna did not change.
So fine we all first years collected money decided a day and invited our seniors for the treat. That day we all got down near the restaurant around 15 of us. The restaurant people were quite shocked seeing the crowd. Still we first were a bit reserved, tensed and also a bit frightened about are these people going to rag us infront of all the public crowd. We all sat down and our seniors made a formal introduction about themselves their name in which year they are studying with a very warm smile on their faces. I was shocked… I was like ‘what the hell these people bully us into giving a treat and then here they sit and talk as if we are like their own buddies’ And I also came to know about my tall anna’s real name and also he was studying in final year mechanical. Among them most of them where final year mechanical. I always had an impression not to mess up with mechanical people, but these guys proved me wrong. They were having fun and making us involved in all the fun. I never thought a ragging would be this much fun I also came to know my tall anna was not so bad they (seniors) were all putting a false mask to show that they were threatinig us. But they weren’t.

From that day forward we became friends. Can u imagine final years and first years were friends especially with us girls. They always treated us like baby sisters. My tall anna teached us helping out in our mechanical subjects we had. Even after he left college he maintained contact and came to my house once even then I introduced him to my mom as tall anna (hehhehehe). From that day forward he became a real brother who I was longing to have since I am the only child at my home. In every sense he was and still is my Big B… From that day forward there were many circumstances, hard ships which he had to face and I had to face but we faced together. He is my sweet, over protective brother on who’s shoulder I can sleep peacefully whenever I want.

Even till date he treats me like a porcelain doll thinking I would break for even a slight move, but to be frank I am not but still I like to be pampered by him. Now he is in Australia and I really miss him a lot.

I miss my pulsor bike rides. I miss my guide to tell where to board a bus and how to go to a specific place which I do not know. I miss watching Hindi movies with him. I miss me rambling to him or him rambling to me even in the midnight. I miss waking him in an ungodly hour and asking silly question.

Big B you are one of the few best things that happened in my life…

I Love you…

I miss you very badly… 


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